Our Great American Road Trip

Well, we spent a month- whew!- on the road enjoying the good ole’ USA. Here are some of the highlights:

Seeing my little sister, Caity.

The first people we visited, and the only ones we took pictures of- the Eagles. We had shrimp on the barbi- yum!

Celebrating one wonderful year of marriage in Muir Woods, CA. Notice the romantic heart shaped leaf. How appropriate!

An awesome church that we saw in Spokane, WA. Too bad we couldn’t get a look inside. Sure we’ll see tons of magnificent structures like this in Europe.

Smelly Yellowstone- not all it was cracked up to be, but still glad we saw it.

Wide open spaces- enjoying that hot sun with no A/C. And, killing  a lot of insects. Notice our windshield did the latter quite well.

Enjoying the South Dakota rest stop. We voted it the most patriotic rest stop in America.

Now, look at our cute niece! Don’tcha just want to eat her up she’s so cute!!??? She’s the one in the pj’s- just in case there was any confusion.


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