On New Soil

Well, we are both on new soil. We are here! All the planning, packing, and saying goodbye and we are finally here!

It is quite surreal. Once again I am incompetent. I am lost all the time, I can’t navigate something as simple as a grocery store, and I don’t know what anyone around me is saying. I detest this early days of being in a new place. I cannot wait to dive into Hungarian lessons so that I know what people are saying, and I will be thrilled when we settle into a more permanent living situation. Scott and I have been living out of our suitcases for a month and a half, and we are both ready to hang our clothes up in the closet, to not have to search through five suitcases to find a book that we want, and to be settled. Ah… Just even typing that down makes me feel better. Soon, soon. Pray that we find a suitable place please!


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  1. Melissa I’m glad to know you made it to your new home safe. You are in my prayers.

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