Comfort Food

Since we’ve been here, we’ve realized what comfort food truly is to us. Turkish food. Not once have we had any American dishes. Instead, we’ve enjoyed red lentil soup, chicken saute, and Turkish rice. ah. Comfort food.

In addition to our Turkish cuisine choices, last night I made Bengali chicken curry. We found a great store here where I could buy any and every spice under the sun, so we decided that curry sounded great. I had a great recipe that my dear friend from Wheaton, Christa, gave me. Her chicken curry is out of this world, so I was content if it turned out half as good as hers. And, well, it did. Not nearly as delicious, but we both enjoyed it thoroughly. And, we’re hoping that each time I make it it will get better and better.

Scott was one happy husband.



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2 responses to “Comfort Food

  1. Maureen

    Who are you people? Turkish food is comfort food? What happened to a meatloaf and mashed potatoes with gravy???

  2. How yummy? Wish we could come over for dinner.:)

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