Getting Organized

I must really love you people because I’m about to show you what I look like right now… just to make this whole experience seem more authentic for you.

We have been up since six this morning. We had a lovely skype date with our small group, and the caffeine is working. It’s now eight, and we’re both wide awake! Scott is studying- his favorite pastime- and I’m stalking all sort of people via the internet- my favorite pastime.

At any rate, I thought I’d clue you guys in on what I’ve been up to:

I got another job! Hip, hip, hooray! So, that makes 2. One teaching darling kiddos (they have British accents- I just want to squeeze the cuteness out of them and bottle it up. I’d be rich in no time.) And, the other is teaching business folks of all sorts. I’ll begin this job on Tuesday. So, this is officially the last weekend of our summer!

As for what I’ve been up to until this point- besides searching for jobs- is spending WAY too much time on the internet. But, in all of this time-wasting, I’ve been inspired. Oh yes. Big time. I am going to organize my life so that I can actually enjoy my life. The first step of this is meal planning. We have a small fridge, by U.S. standards, which means I have to be focused when maximizing our space. Thinking back to last year, I wasted so much food. Instead of using leftovers, I’d make something new and fun. I loathe thinking of all the food I wasted! So, I’m on a mission. Operation NO FOOD WASTING!

I’ve decided to do monthly meal-planning. And, I was inspired by Simple Mom and the Pioneer Woman for how to do this practically. Ways that we are going to make this work:
1) I will plan two weeks of meals, and have two rotations a month. I don’t mind having Bengali Chicken Curry every night, so I figured two times in one month wouldn’t kill us.

2) I’m going to cook with the seasons. Something I’ve never considered (with the exception of cooking with pumpkin in the fall- I’m obsessed). So, this autumn it’s Cauliflower Soup, Baked Apple Desserts, and Roasted Broccoli for the Ranks.

3) I’m planning an eat leftovers night. We don’t have a family of four, and we usually have too many leftovers sitting around that don’t get consumed. Planning with my work schedule, Wednesday nights are leftovers. By that time it’s mid-week, and we ALWAYS have something left to be consumed.

4) Theme nights. Monday is Mexican, Tuesday is Asian, Wednesday is leftovers, Thursday is American/Turkish, Friday is date night, Saturday is try something new/leftovers, and Sunday is soup.

5) My favorite thing. I made a folder, yes a folder, called Recipes on my Desktop. If you go into the folder you will see numerous documents. Mexican food, side dishes, soups, etc. I’ve saved a lot of recipes in these documents. So, when I’m compiling my two-week menu, I just go there and it makes life so much simpler! I used to have hard copies, I tried making documents on Word before, but putting in a little extra time to do this will be such a time saver in the future!

So, that’s all for now. I start on Sunday. We shall see how it all works out!


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