I’m obsessed with one of the first scenes from the movie You’ve Got Mail. It’s the one where The Cranberries “Dreams” is playing, and Kathleen Kelly and Joe Fox are off to work. It shows their interesting city life: the shops opening up, the coffee shop experience, the hustle and bustle of public transportation, etc. So, yesterday, as I was off to work at 6:45 a.m., I realized that the way the morning scene was unfolding felt exactly like that movie (minus Starbucks since it costs about $34.65 for a tall latte.)

So, today I played that song on my ipod as I walked to the train stop. I walked to the tune, held my head up high just like Kathleen Kelly would, and tried to be excited about fall and buying school supplies. Only problem was that today I was not nearly as cool as Kathleen Kelly. As I was gaining visibility of the train stop, I saw that the train was nearing my loading zone far quickly than I was. I had to set out in a dead sprint to catch up, and to make the train I had to throw myself in front of several moving cars. Thankfully, the road parted for me like the Red Sea. Thank you, God! As I barely made it in the door and almost got crunched all I could think about was how that was so not cool, and I could never imagine Kathleen Kelly doing that!

We’re not exactly twins either. Don’t judge me. I have mascara smudges (give me a break! I’ve been up since 6 a.m.) And, my hair hasn’t been cleaned with shampoo in several days (let’s just say that the “transition period” is turning out to be quite the transition.)

Alright. That’s about as interesting as it gets. 🙂



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4 responses to “Wannabe

  1. aura

    i so love reading about your european adventures! it makes me miss living in europe SOSO much!

  2. Amy the Bristow

    Jollene!! I love reading your blog! Thanks for updating! I have good tidings for you: the day I read your blog about no-shampoo, I started to do my own research, and joined in with you! I am now on day 4 I believe 🙂 And today is the only bad day. I usually don’t go more than 24 hours. But if it’s true that you can reteach your hair to only need it every 2-3 days…that would be great! So, armed with water and baking soda…I’m fighting hard!

  3. Brooke Weaver

    That reminds me of another certain year that we lived together, I think you watched that movie at least once a week…:)

  4. Yan

    That’s my favorite part too. For this song, there’s a Cantonese-Chinese version sung by an excellent Chinese singer.

    And, Jolene, you don’t look any worse than Kathleen Kelly. The getting on the train part is hillarious though. I can visualize that:)

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