I’m a doofus

Today has been a terrible day for me thus far. In fact, it’s not even noon and I’m afraid to go outside again. What more could happen? You see, my monthly transportation pass expired yesterday, but I was convinced that it was today. So, I had it all planned out. After my 7:40 English lesson I was going to get a new one, and all would be right with the world. So, when the inspector boarded the tram (which happens NEVER) and asked for my pass I wasn’t nervous at all. No worries. EXCEPT, today is the 16th, not the 15th! What was I thinking??!! How did I get my dates mixed up at such a crucial time? After a bout of miscommunication and frustration, I handed over my 6,000 precious, hard-earned forints and headed off nearly in tears! What a way to start a day. And, to top it off, I was pondering my situation so deeply that I missed my tram stop, got off at the next stop, and had to walk farther in my painful shoes! I cannot believe with all the chaos that I actually managed to be a minute early for work.

And, gotta have a good grocery store mishap. For some reason, it’s really hard to determine which pepper goes with which price (all peppers are one paprika or another). I asked an old man near the weighing machine to help, and he pointed it out and all was well. UNTIL I got up to pay and the woman said that it was the wrong kind of paprika. How could I explain in my limited English that I wasn’t trying to cheat the grocery store out of money and that some old fogey led me astray?? So, no red bell pepper, or shall I say California paprika, for me!

Scott and I were talking about how in America if you live with integrity and wisdom you’ll pretty much be okay. But, in other countries, you could try your hardest to live with integrity and wisdom and still end up in Doofus land!


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  1. Alicia

    Oh culture days!! just think all the “mishaps” are ways of learning and you probably won’t have to do them again!! Miss you and praying for you.

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