2011 Book List

I’m already compiling my 2011 book list and getting excited! Here are some contenders for the list:

The Hole in the Gospel: what does God expect of us? The answer that changed my life and might just change the world.

Pigs in Heaven by Kingslover

God’s and Kings by Lynn Austin

Moloka’i by Alan Brenert

Vintage Jesus: Timeless answers to timeless questions

Living with less so your family has more by Mark Savage

Abigail Adams by Woody Holton

Shattered Dreams:  My life as a polygamist’s wife

James and the Giant Peach by Dahl

Matilda by Dahl

Charlie and the chocolate factory by Dahl

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Oh wow! I’m having so much fun typing up this list and dreaming of the possibilities. Any suggestions for me to add to my list??



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2 responses to “2011 Book List

  1. Holly

    Hole in the Gospel is excellent. You must read it. I’ve been eyeing a few running books that I’m contemplating reading. Maybe you can add them to your list? They are “Once a Runner” and “Born to Run.”
    Keep up the blogging! It’s nice to feel to connected to you again 🙂 Plus, you crack me up. Your “bad days” make for great blog posts!

  2. I agree with Holly. Hole in the Gospel was so good 🙂 Hmm, maybe I will read a couple of these with you!

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