Slice of my life

I thought you all might like to see a picture of the little cuties I teach once a week. They’re Hungarian, but fluent in English with darling British accents (well, with the exception that they use an “f” instead of “th”- boo to you Lancaster, England for teaching children incorrect pronunciation!)

The other night we did several fun things. Among them was making Sticky Toffee Banana pudding. Here are their sugar-high, smiling faces.

Little Anna is ten, and wanted to take a picture in front of the “chocolates” (her exact words. Apparently, chocolate will be like Waldo in this photo.)

Anna really, really wanted to show Laszlo and I a clip from a science movie that discussed the Ice Age and such. What a little science nerd! Love it. Laszlo did too, and wanted to pose in front of Earth for his picture.

So there is a little slice of my life for you to enjoy.


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