Making Friends

Meet my friend, Jennifer. Jennifer and her husband Daniel are new to Budapest just like us! He is a student at CEU, and Jennifer is an English teacher like me! I know, I know, too good to be true. With all these commonalities, the first date was a breeze 🙂  Jennifer is also a fellow coffee connoisseur, obsessed with Coffee Mate creamer (it’s kind of a touchy subject with us that we don’t have it here, so please don’t bring it up), enjoys learning from Mark Driscoll and loves Jesus and cooking. We’re having fun sharing recipes, and she makes up for my poorest wife quality-not baking with gluten- and brings treats to Scott on occasion.

This was a picture from when we went to get pedicures a couple of weeks ago.

Pedicures are significantly different here. It’s almost as if you are going in for out-patient surgery. It’s definitely not considered a social outing for the girls. Look at the intense tools she used on us! I thought she was going to remove the other bunion for me!

Meet my other friend, delicious latte that makes me forget momentarily how much I miss Coffee Mate toffee nut creamer.



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2 responses to “Making Friends

  1. Alicia

    This is AWESOME that God is providing community for you!!! This post made my day.

  2. I will take you to get a real spa, relaxing pedi when you come home. Love you!

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