Something I think a lot about is beginning traditions in our family. So, on Monday, I randomly planned to make nachos for dinner. I then realized that it was Scott’s first day of school in his doctoral program!

I wanted to make it special, so I went out and got all the fixings. We had chips and guacamole, re-fried beans (the can cost $3- talk about splurging!), sour cream, salsa (again, $4 for a tiny jar- splurge!) and more. And, after putting all that thought into it I decided that this was going to be a first day of school tradition. This will give our future kiddos something to look forward to when saying goodbye to wonderful summer and hello to homework.

Every year we are going to have nachos to celebrate the first day of school.

We’ll also have a special dessert, but that is TBD. Choices, choices….

Yah for enlisting our first tradition!



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2 responses to “Traditions

  1. Sherry

    Fun! Growing up, my friend’s mom was always really cute about food traditions. They ate heart-shaped meatloaf every Valentine’s Day. Although I’m not a fan of beef, back then, I looked forward to the heart-shaped meatloaf just like her own kids did! Hopefully, you can invite some neighborhood kids to share in your traditions, too 😉

  2. how fun! yesterday was Derek’s first day of school and we had orange chicken… maybe I will have to institute a new tradition!

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