A typical day for me

6:00 a.m.- Alarm goes off and I say, “This has gotta be a joke.”

6:01 -Scott makes the coffee, I make the bed.

6:05- We eat breakfast…in complete silence.

6:15- I sit in my chair with the hot coffee in my hands. I sip, sip, sip and wait for it to wake me up.

6:25- I open my Bible to Proverbs. As I always say, “A proverb a day keeps the devil away!”

6:30- This week I was reading and rereading the book of Ruth. I also enjoy journaling in the morning. It helps me focus when I’m quite tired.

7:00- Get ready for work. Brush my teeth, put on some make-up to hide the dark circles under my eyes, etc.


7:25- Head out the door to catch the tram. Turn on my ipod and listen to some inspiring sermon by Mark Driscoll. Or, if I’m in the mood, which I have been a lot lately, listen to Christmas music. It’s been in the 50’s here which feels like California Christmas to me.

7:50- Arrive at Oracle, one of the companies I work for. Make some copies, turn on my computer, enjoy a free latte macchiato from the awesome machine.

8:00- It’s go time! Teach and teach.

8:25- As part of the lesson I mention, “There’s two sides to every story.” My very advanced student asks, “Shouldn’t it be there are two sides to every story.”

I say, “Well, yes, technically. But, when we want to say it quickly we say “there’s” because “there are” does not can not be shortened.

One guys then says, “So in writing you would say there are, but when speaking there’s?

I say, “Yes. You got it!
Wow, these advanced students always keeping me on my toes!! That’s why I enjoy them so much.

9:30- Even though class is technically over, my class and I are in an engaging conversation about phonology.

9:50- Still in engaging conversation about phonology when one of my students realizes that he actually needs to go to work. We all disperse. I smile because teaching that morning was really fun and really rewarding.

10:30- Arrive back at my humble abode. Grocery time. Get my shopping bags because if I forget them I have to pay for a plastic bag at the store. Grab all the fixins for enchiladas. Yum.

11:30- Lesson planning.

2:00- Still lesson planning.

2:15- Mother-in-law stops by.We work together. I lesson plan while she tackles the world of blogging.

3:15- Head off to teach once again.

3:50- Arrive at a credit insurance company to meet with the second-in-command himself.

3:55- The receptionist asks me what the problem is with this word- reconsilation. She told me that she has a superb dictionary and it’s not coming up in the database. My first thought was, “Well, perhaps there is a British spelling in which case the only problem is the missing “i”.” Nope, that didn’t work. Well, then we must change that “s” into a “c”. It worked! Whew! Spelling bee champion comes to the rescue once again! (Now, I was never actually a spelling bee champion, but I was once the math champion in the 3rd grade. Maybe I chose the wrong profession?)

3:58- Sweet receptionist brings me a latte macchiato with a chocolate on the side. Yum.

4:00- I try to explain to Mr. Second-in-command why that word is so tricky. “You see, it’s because the “c” has two completely different sounds in the that one word. It’s like a-c-c-i-d-e-n-t.” As usual he says, “I know.” Not charmed. Not impressed. Dang it. (Let the truth be told that he couldn’t figure out what the spelling issue was,  but he certainly was not in the mood to acknowledge that I saved the day.”

4:00-5:30- Negotiating, negotiating, negotiating. Not sure I’ve ever partook in a serious negotiation, but I’m pretty good at teaching someone else how to negotiate.

“Okay, so you need to have your strategy, objectives, common ground, and hardest points to negotiate. What is our game plan?”

“Okay, let’s talk about conditionals in a negotiation. You’ve got your zero-conditional, first-conditional and second-conditional.”

Blah, blah, blah.

5:30- The trek home. I can’t wait to get home. I will see Scott!! Each and every day my highlight is coming home to Scott.

6:30- Put the enchiladas in the oven and hang out with my cool mom-in-law. We conquer the electricity issues in my apartment with ease and tact.

7:15- Scott arrives home. Tardy! Get your butt in the principals office at once! Okay, not really. We eat. Vegetarian enchiladas. YUMmy!

8:30- Three adults sit in our living room each engaged in their various laptop activities. Scott is studying Arabic and Ottoman Turkish, I’m learning what Pioneer Woman is up to, and Maureen is blogging.

9:00- Maureen heads off to her chateau. Scott and I watch an episode of “The Pacific”- a tv series chronicling the WWII Pacific battles.

10:20- The hubby and I pray together. I’m so tired I’m not sure whatever I said made sense in the least.

10:30- My head hits the pillow and I’m out! 6:00 a.m. comes mighty early these days!



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2 responses to “A typical day for me

  1. Wow. I was there to witness it, and you pulled all this off with such aplomb I didn’t even notice how much was going on. How does she do it??

  2. i love this post, melissa! what a great picture into your day-to-day life. hope you and scott are doing well!

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