Well, I have absolutely no desire to blog because my mother-in-law has perfected the art, and it’s too much trouble to keep up. It’s hard competing with someone who has actually written and published 16(? I’m losing count) books that people read. You should check her out here. There are quite a few stories of the shenanigans that we’ve been getting in to.

In other news, jobs are dropping out of the sky, and I’m having a blast getting to know oodles of people. Today I bought a ticket to Prague! Tonight I’m making chicken broccoli casserole for dinner. I’ve made two loaves of gluten-free pumpkin bread this week and if you are lucky I’ll share the recipe someday. Did I mention that I’m going to Prague??!!!

And, in more other news, I have made a HUGE switch in life and am drinking my coffee BLACK. I know that you don’t believe me. The fat lady just flew. Pigs just sang. Etc. etc. But, it’s true. I wouldn’t lie to you about something so phenomenal. I can hardly believe it myself. I actually like it. Now, if there were toffee nut creamer in my fridge you know that there is no way it would not be in my cup in the morning.But, people, different resources=different coffee in the morning.



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3 responses to “Demoted

  1. Lindsey

    You’re going to PRAGUE?! So happy for you Melissa! Miss you. Praying for you often. Love you lots. 🙂

  2. I’m so excited that you are going to PRAGUE!!! One of my most favourite cities in the world. Enjoy!! Oh, and I’m also glad that God continues to provide.:)

  3. Brooke Weaver

    I love you. You are so great. I am glad you are able to drink black coffee!

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