“Fall” Bread

Wondering how to trick your kiddos, husband or friends into eating more veggies? Give them this delicious bread and call it “Fall” bread instead of zucchini bread which is its real name.

Does a rose by any other name smell as sweet? Shakespeare says yes, Anne of Green Gables says no. I would agree with Anne on this one.

Does a bread by any other name taste as delicious? Okay, okay, yes, yes it does. But, to get them to try it you have to call it something else, then you can drop the truth bomb!


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One response to ““Fall” Bread

  1. Actually, this “zucchini bread as the source of all deliciousness” is likely more true for yours than for others, if your pumpkin bread is any indication. So, I’m predicting your kids are going to be veggie-addicts without even knowing where the propensity to veg came from. Keep on bakin’ — you make our lives happier when you do!

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