Going Gluten-free

I’ve talked to a lot of people over the past couple of years about being gluten-free, and here are some answers to some of the basic questions that people have fielded my way.

Why did I go gluten-free?

The simple answer is that I went gluten-free to experiment with whether or not food related to my adult acne. Up until I was 24, I had taken loads and loads of medicine to get rid of my acne. No doctor ever suggested that the ugly pimples and redness on my face could be related to what I was consuming. However, I didn’t want to medicate myself for the next 70 years, so I thought it was worth a shot to try to see if food was the culprit. And it was!

How did you handle switching to a gluten-free diet?

In January of 2009, I read a book called The Fungus Link. That book changed my life! It highlighted several diseases that are caused or exacerbated by fungus that inhabits our bodies. There was a special diet that a person could try to see if acne was a result of fungus. I did a gruesome cleanse in January 2009 per the directions of this book, and my acne never came back. Occasionally I have blemishes like most people do, but that’s it.

I didn’t want to stay on that cleanse for the rest of my life, but I did some food experimentation and isolated gluten as a culprit for my acne. So, I gave it up! And, to be honest, since I’d gone from doing a tough cleanse to gluten-free, I didn’t feel such a loss. I was excited to eat potatoes and corn once again!

Although I did have to change my lifestyle-going to parties and saying no to almost all snacks, learning to cook with more vegetables, and more- I’m really glad that I did it. I feel so much healthier now than when I consumed tons and tons of flour and sugar every week.

How do you manage a gluten-free lifestyle?

There are a lot of people out there who are very intense about being gluten-free. They have all of the flours, they don’t cross-contaminate, and so much more. I basically find recipes that I want to cook, and I make it happen. If a sweet recipe calls for all-purpose flour, I use Bob’s Red Mill flour. If a saltier recipe calls for flour, I use Bob’s mix, or corn flour  or starch. If it calls for bread crumbs, I use crushed up tortilla chips.

What are some of your favorite recipes?

Well, anything Pioneer Woman cooks. I also tend to lean towards making recipes that are loaded up with vegetables, that use interesting spices, and that use carbs like potatoes and rice instead of bread.

Are there any helpful websites?

Absolutely! Gluten-free Mommy, Gluten-free Girl, and Gluten-free for Good


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