What we’ve been up to…

  • Working, working, working- both of us! God continues to provide teaching opportunities to me, and I have so many wonderful students. On Friday, I had three private students and it was an international affair. In the morning, Polish, afternoon, Hungarian then Greek.
  • Scott has been busy masterminding his dissertation proposal and completing a qualification exam essay. Anyone ever thought that they took the most difficult test of all time? Bet you didn’t. Scott has to read over 100 articles and books, then sit before a panel of experts in the field for 2 hours while they grill him on the readings. 
  • Reading- I’m reading The Hobbit, Nourishing Traditions and 1st Samuel. Scott is reading The Brothers Karamazov and 2nd Timothy (in English, Turkish and Ottoman Turkish). He doesn’t know that I just told you that, but what woman can’t help be proud of her amazing husband??
  • Praying through summer options. We’re hopeful that Scott will get to participate in an 8 week Ottoman Turkish course in Turkey. That leaves me with options because I won’t be able to join him. So far, my dream option would be to teach ESL in Kansas and be with family. Have you ever met my darling niece, Kendall? Now you know why I’d love to go to KC so much!
  • Cooking, cooking, cooking. I’m having a blast learning to cook more nutritious yet healthy food. Here is my most recent favorite recipe as given to me by a friend.
Cook up the small “green” or brown lentils in a pot with a bay leaf, a couple of pieces of garlic (not crushed – just sliced down the middle) and a vegetable bouillon (do not overcook them!).  While cooking, chop a couple of shallots, carrot, red and orange pepper into very small little pieces; sautee them in olive oil until just starting to cook (you want them to have a little crunch still!).  Add ground cinnamon, nutmeg, and cardamon into the fry pan.

When the vegetables are sauteed and the lentils are cooked, strain the lentils of water and remove the bay leaf and garlic halves.  Toss the lentils with what you’ve got in the sautee pan and add extra virgin olive oil and perhaps you’ll need to add salt.

The most important thing to finish with is LOTS of fresh, chopped parsley, mint, and cilantro.  If you have fresh chives, these are nice to chop in as well.  Alot of these fresh herbs really kick the dish up a notch, with great fresh flavor.!!!

  • Enjoying life. We really love this stage in our lives. The first 6 months here were no walk in the park for me, but now we feel like we are thriving and truly enjoying this place that we live in. Spring is coming, which always helps. And with that we’ll have plenty more opportunities to explore and enjoy Budapest.


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2 responses to “What we’ve been up to…

  1. If you guys get over to Budafok soon, my dad has The Brothers Karamazov audio book. (I know this because I gave it to him!)

  2. Cile Borders

    Hey! We’re back in town for a couple more weeks before we hit the road again. Do you and Scott have time to get together for a night out in the ‘burbs? Budafok-suburb, that is!

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