Our Pecs Adventure

The day before Easter, Scott and I took a trip to a city in Southern Hungary called Pecs. It was a wonderful day- the weather was perfect, the sights were thrilling and the history was fascinating.

Welcome to town!

A mosque that was built during the Ottoman Empire when the Ottomans ruled Hungary. It has since been converted to a church.

The main square where we had the unique opportunity of seeing a break dancing show that evening! The dancers were so buff- it made me want to go home and do push-ups!

Lunch was amazing! We ate at a great place one of my students recommended. Scott is clearly excited.

This door reminded me of my recent reading adventure “Fellowship of the Ring”

Coffee…ah… Funny thing is that Hungarians aren’t exactly known for their customer service- rather they’re known for lack thereof. I ordered a coffee, the first I’d had in weeks, and requested it to be made very hot (nagyon, nagyon, forro). The guy rolled his eyes at me! Yes, rolled! When he brought the drink it was not hot! So, Scott went back and showed him who was boss. Now I’m smiling enjoying my hot beverage.

Relaxing in the park. Funny story. While we are relaxing and enjoying the beautiful day like most of the other park patrons, some rough and tumbly gypsies came into the park with their water bottle which was full of booze. Gypsies have a bad reputation in Hungary, but Scott and I always try to give them the benefit of the doubt. Well, we tried. Not two minutes after they entered the park two of them broke out into a fist fight- then the fight moved to rolling on the ground messy dude brawling. Their friend broke it up, but then they proceeded to argue and harass other park patrons for the next 30 minutes. It’s the first time I’d seen such nice park clear out on such a beautiful day.
We’re in Europe = statutes and history everywhere worth contemplating

Is your love locked in? If not you need to buy a pad lock, inscribe the initials of you and beloved, and lock it up to the gate forever!

On the train ride home we’d made a mistake. Even though we’d booked a reservation on the train, we hadn’t bought a seat- who knew!? So, minutes before the train takes off a dwarf comes up to us and announces that we are in his seat. His Hungarian was out of my league, so I told him I didn’t understand. He explained in English that we needed a seat reservation as well. We had to book it down to the office, get tickets and rush back to make it before our train took off!

What a day full of gypsies, break dancers and dwarfs. Sounds like a story worth telling.


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