Most people have one mother. I have three wonderful women in my life who have played the role of mother throughout the duration of my years on Earth.

This is my mom. Her name is Connie, and she is the most generous, sweet, and caring person in the world. She is extremely thoughtful, and put up with me through a lot of difficult years. Something I love a lot about her is her generosity. She is always thinking of little gifts to buy for people, helping people who are in a bind, and sending me packages with tons of gluten-free products to make my world a brighter place. She’s also a wonderful grandmother, so I can’t wait for the day that we have kids and she’ll get to dote on them! I love you Mom.

This is my aunt Diana. I went to live with her and my uncle when I was 14. Although I was suffering from a severe bout of teen angst, she put up with me. She taught me how to act like a lady, got me braces, and helped me a ton to get me the money to go to college. Her and my uncle Dave taught me a lot about being a hard worker, and that has helped me so much to this day. I love you Diana!

And, my dear mother-in-law Maureen who gave me the best gift on Earth, my husband Scott. Not only did she give me the love of my life, but she has given me tremendous support these past 3 years since I’ve known her. Maureen is often one of the first people I call for advice, to talk through big decisions, or just to relay any funny story about life in Budapest. Not only does she love these stories, but she gets these stories because she sacrificed several weeks to move to Budapest during the challenge weeks of transition. She was by my side when I was almost arrested, was a great partner for exploring the coffee shops of Budapest and Prague, and boosted my confidence when I doubted my ability to do this cross-cultural life. Many people are not blessed with a mother-in-law that is a dear friend to them, but I’m so thankful that God has gifted me with treasure of a mother-in-law who I adore.

So, dear mothers, thank you for walking with me thus far. I love all of you very much! Happy Mother’s Day.


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  1. Yan

    I loved reading this posting. Jolene you are a lucky girl to have so many people who love you dearly:)

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