Coming January 2012 to a Budapest probably not near you…

Is our sweet baby! Or, is it babies?

Me at 12.5 weeks. My coworker took one look at me the night I took this photo and

said, “Wow! You look so pregnant!”

My belly is already getting hard- I mean, don’t get me wrong. It was hard before with my killer six pack and all, but this is a different kind of hard.

I can’t believe I’m almost across the week 13 hurdle! I thought week 12 couldn’t come fast enough.

Weeks 4.5-8 were pretty rough. I was fine one day, and the next I had an unsatiable appetite, horrible nausea, and food aversions like no other! Everyone always talks about cravings, which I did have 4 straight days of nothing but nachos, so I guess I had cravings as well, but the aversions are the worst. You have this fridge and pantry full of great food, stuff I normally eat like salads and such, and the thought alone makes me dry heave. Early on I decided I wasn’t too fond of pregnancy Melissa. Food aversions = high maintenace. Crying at the drop of a hat = high maintenance. Sleeping all the time = lazy! But, Scott was so wonderful and encouraging in those tough early days.

Week 7 we went to our first prenatal appointment. I have to say that we both were speechless hearing and seeing that little heartbeat. I now tell people that getting married was the best day of my life, but hearing that heartbeat and knowing we made a little person was the most exciting moment of my life. The second time I heard that heartbeat was no different. I can cry just thinking about it!

I came to California week eight. I was still nauseous and tired the first few weeks, but by week 11 things were slowly starting to mellow out. I was elated when I had the energy to go play tennis one evening! Now I’m wondering if I can start running again. Ah. That will be so nice.

I’ll be in the U.S. until August 11th. For now I’m stocking up on things that are much cheaper to buy here, and trying as best I can to plan for what I’ll need for the little one.

I’ll keep you posted!



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3 responses to “Coming January 2012 to a Budapest probably not near you…

  1. Sherry

    I am so, so happy for you. I’m glad you made it past the worst part! During those first few weeks, I couldn’t imagine why a woman would ever great pregnant again. It gets SO much better, though. I never tire of hearing my little one’s heartbeat. I think I’ll miss having her this close to me and hearing that magical heartbeat!

  2. liz howeth

    I’m so excited for you! It’s great you can be here in the states and stock up on some things. Are you guys going to find out the sex?

  3. Hi Liz, No we’re not finding out the sex until the baby is born! 🙂

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