The fun of the mystery..


Well, I think waiting to find out the sex of our baby is quite fun! Even though I don’t want to know quite yet, I love hearing old wives tales that predict one way or another, or to hear what different people guess our little one will be. So far most people have guessed a little girl, but there has been rising enthusiasm as of late in those that feel strongly that I’m carrying a little boy.

Both would be fun for different reasons. To have a daughter would be such a joy, and how fun would it be to go shopping?! Plus, we have the perfect name picked out! On the other side, I’d love for our kids to have a big brother to watch out for them, especially our little girls who will be growing up in Turkey. Scott is excited to teach our boys boy stuff. However, we have no name for a boy.

I just took an online predictor test, and it said 53% chance we’re having a girl according to old wives tales.

What’s your guess?



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