Battling Fear

In May, when I first found out I was pregnant, after the initial excitement and joy I felt, I felt fear. It was like a dark cloud that came and surrounded me, and I’ve been fighting ever since to get it gone! Fear is my go to sin, something that creeps into all insecure and fragile parts of my life. Oh how I loathe it.

I remember telling myself that after 12 weeks I wouldn’t fear anymore…. then I still did so I was reassured at the 16 week ultrasound. Then it hit me. This is the rest of my life. I think I’m going to battle this every single day for the rest of my stinkin’ life. Things don’t get easier when our kiddo is outside my womb.

Well, not wanting to live in fear and worry for the rest of my life, I prayed and prayed, I read scripture, I talked with others, etc. Recently, I’ve been very encouraged by the book The Power of a Praying Parent. It has helped me to offer up specific and heartfelt prayers regarding my fear. It has encouraged me to pray and pray until I feel peace, and if that doesn’t work to ask others to intercede with me or on my behalf. In addition, today I stumbled upon this blog post. It’s a series about motherhood and fear. I’m not sure why, but it encourages me to know that I’m not the only one who battles with this. And, it’s wonderful that there are resources and encouraging words out there to glean from.

Mothers, or those in general who fear, how do you battle it? How do you not go crazy over worry for your children or x, y or z?



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7 responses to “Battling Fear

  1. I don’t know. But at least we’re struggling through it together.

  2. Dorothy

    I still struggle with it as well, I guess it comes with being a mom. Power of a Praying Parent really helps though, glad its helped you too! Thanks for sharing the blog. Somehow we’ll learn to live with it!

  3. raj

    I asked Lindsey to make up a small notebook of Scriptures that deal with fear/anxiety. She did, and I would read it whenever I was struggling. The verse that stuck out most to me was 2 Timothy 1:7 “for God gave us a spirit not of fear but pof power and love and self-control.” I tore it out of the notebook and taped it to our mirror so that I would commit it to memory.

    In addition, I have found it helpful to confess my fear to Lindsey. At first I tried to hide it because I was ashamed of my fear, but she knew what was going on, and it only hurt our relationship when I would tell her nothing was wrong. When I say it out loud, it gives her the chance to comfort me, and it instantly reduces the size of the worry. Fear thrives off of not having any competing thoughts in your head. When you say it aloud, both your reason and Scott’s will have the opportunity to kick in.

  4. liz howeth

    my fear has increased greatly since having kids. i am constantly telling myself that i don’t want to live my life in fear because that’s no life at all and reminding myself that perfect love drives out fear. thanks for the post. i’m going to go look at that blog.

  5. Holly

    Fear seems to increase as we grow close to others in our life (ie. husband, kids). There is pain in loving others and God showed us that as he offered his Son for us.
    I haven’t mastered this, but when I realize what I’m doing I pray and remind myself that my fear won’t keep me from continuing to love….maybe that’s what the enemy wants of us?

  6. I think most women battle fear during their pregnancies, especially the early parts of pregnancy. Even my friends who have very planned and sought after pregnancies have had times of intense fearfulness. You’re facing lots of changes and unknowns. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Talking it through with a compassionate friend/family member always helped me. I needed to hear that everything was going to be okay, while still having the reality of my experiences validated. Sending you love and peace!

  7. Thank you everyone for your thoughtful and helpful responses!

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