I’ve checked one big thing of my to-do list. I found a pediatrician for our baby. Please don’t think I’m a terrible mother when you hear my list of qualifications:

English- check

Nice- check

I guess you can say I can’t really afford to be picky like I’d be in the States. I’m happy with a nice lady who smiles at me and speaks enough English to have a conversation. I guess we’ll duke out the rest later!

In other news, Hungary has this amazing thing called “Let’s not put all of our sick kids in a room together!” Yes, the pediatricians do house calls if your baby is ill or a newborn! That deserves 2 exclamation points!! This is huge for me. I was imagining bundling up my three day old baby to walk through a blizzard, uphill (of course), dodging stray dogs and slippery patches of ice, all to get to a pediatrician. My imagination was not far from this photo.

Not necessary for me to adopt the eskimo lifestyle! Ah… What a beautiful thing.




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4 responses to “Check!

  1. That’s the kind of “old school” I can get behind! I almost had a panic attack when I brought my three-day old into a waiting room filled with sick kids. I’m glad you found a pediatrician. You’ll be spending a lot of time together, so I’m glad you found a nice one 🙂

  2. House calls.:) God is providing for your every need. Ones you don’t know you have. English and nice are just fine.:)

  3. raj

    Who else thinks that we should get Kim and Eli to do a remake of this photo?

  4. Oh man, I bought the baby a eskimo suit and everything… Blizzard? Ha!!! But you do have a jacket like that with fur around the hood 🙂 You two will be some warm in your cozy flat!

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