The case of this Monday

6am- alarm going off… too early. grrr. Why is it still dark?!

6am-7:20- the usual routine of drinking 1/16 of a cup of coffee, eating 2 eggs with pesto, reading, getting ready for my day, scrambling out the door.

7:25am- force my way onto the one little empty spot left on the tram wondering how I’m going to fit once this baby is 7lbs instead of 1.5 lbs.

8am- arrive at Bunge, a vegetable oil company I teach at. Today is a big day. Tour of the oil production lab. I get to wear a white mad scientist coat and goggles.

9:50am- stop at the grocery store on my way home. I pick up fresh bread, cucumbers, tomatoes, toilet paper, and cheese. You know, the essentials.

10:10am- second breakfast! Any other hobbits out there?

10:20am- laundry load #1, clean the toilet, do the dishes.

11:00am- off to the market! Load up on honey, dried cranberries, walnuts, and other goodies. Stop to buy fresh squeezed grapefruit juice…Yum! Stop to let older woman rub my belly and proceed to say, “Szia baba.” “Hi baby!” Then, she told me I look pretty pregnant. I decided I love her.

12:00pm- Home. Snack anyone? Laundry load #2. Nap time

1:59pm- wake up from nap. I used to sleep the entire two hours, but the baby is getting strong. The kicks wake me up so I’m constantly adjusting to soften the blows and to try to get the baby to kick out instead of in and on my bladder.

2:00pm- landlord and landlady show up. Bless them. They’ve brought us a very important document we’ll need to obtain our residence permit. All the immigration office will need now is a blood sample, a microchip inserted in our wrist, and $85,000- okay, not really…we hope.

2:25pm- laundry load #3. Off to make copies of blessed documents, to pick up paycheck, and buy fresh, raw milk. Yum. On my way out I see my neighbor Julie. She blows me a kiss and asks how the baby is doing. I decided I love her.

3:45pm- Home from errands. Starving for some strange reason. Sandwich time. Laundry load #4 time and dinner prep. I’m making an interesting cabbage-beef casserole for dinner that I enjoy. I mostly enjoy it because I eat it with sour cream. And, in my mind, anything with sour cream is the most delicious thing in the world these days.

5:00pm- Sitting here, reliving my day as I wait for my student to come at 6:00pm. Maybe she’ll stay for cabbage casserole dinner. That would be fun!

8:00pm- I’m sure I’ll be yawning my way through the next hour trying to be tough and stay awake a bit longer. I’ll get to hear about Scott’s adventures learning Arabic, Armenian and Persian today. I’ll find myself googling weird things like, “drooling during pregnancy”. And, if I’m lucky, I’ll get to read some of my book, “A Long Way Gone.”

I hope you enjoyed this glimpse in the my riveting life. Lifetime is going to make a tv movie out of it but we’re still working out the contract details.



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2 responses to “The case of this Monday

  1. Am I dull? I found this fascinating!!

  2. Katrina

    “I decided I love her” :D.

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