Glamour shots by Deb

Scott and I have a lot of conversations like this.

Scott: “did you even know what ___________ was/were/existed before pregnancy?”

Melissa: “No!”

Fillers include: sciatic nerve, muscles cramps due to lack of magnesium, rhinitis, non-food related heartburn, incontinence, round ligament pain, edema, etc.

The picture below is me (at 24 weeks- 2 weeks ago) realizing the presence of my sciatic nerve. Who knew? Thankfully there were pews in St. Stephen’s basilica. Sitting there resting was much less awkward than walking around with my left butt cheek in my hand.

And this was my best please-bumpy-tram-don’t-make-me-pee-or-go-into-labor-face! Also, known as my Ace Ventura Pet Detective face. Not sure how the two are related, but they are- distant cousins or something. (25 weeks)


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One response to “Glamour shots by Deb

  1. Deb

    Thanks for the photo credit… I think. You should post the other pictures too!

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