A quick rundown

What I’m reading- Little Women, Active Birth

What I’m watching- Scott and I are going through an old school phase. Last week we watched Hook, this week I’m hoping Mighty Ducks makes the list.


What I’m buying- Just bought the most lovely, and hopefully warm pair of mittens from H&M. I figured mittens were the way to go this year in case I get fat fingers in the next few months!

What I’m making- This weekend, it’s pumpkin spice waffles. I’m also planning on making chili rellenos casserole soon, and a cabbage soup.

What I’m celebrating- My wonderful, amazing, handsome husband turned 30 this week! Once I get pictures, I’ll post on this. I managed to pull of a huge, no two, surprises!

Funny Hungarian moments- Recently one of my students asked me, “I heard Americans wash their hair everyday. Is it true?”

Pearl before swines moment- Yesterday, while buying a beautiful pumpkin at the market, I proceeded to tell the market man about all of the delicacies one could make with said pumpkin. And, as a response, he completely ignored me! Boy he doesn’t know what he’s missing!



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