As third trimester is just around the corner (Monday!), I’m freaking out a little bit. Is it me, or is there so much to do still? I think I need to make a huge list and just get to work! I suppose we’re not doing anything original by having a baby, but it still is so nerve wrecking. I recently asked Scott, “What if the baby doesn’t like me?!” This is something I had never considered until a few days ago, and now it’s got me wondering about a host of other things. Maybe I just need a prescription for a chill pill.



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3 responses to “yikes

  1. liz howeth

    ya most babies don’t like their mama. the person whose uterus they grew in, whose voice they know before they come out of the birth canal, their one food source, and their main cuddler and lover. definitely something worth stressing about 😉

  2. Maureen Rank

    How could a grandchild of mine possibly NOT like you? It’s clearly in the DNA.

  3. Liz, I know! 🙂 So silly.

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