30 Weeks

Some highlights include:

cute little hiccups

amazingly clear skin

back feeling a bit better

ultrasound appointment where doctor informed us that our baby is a “cheeky one” as in our baby has his or her dad’s cheeks

baby is comfortably head down

protruding belly button


I’m feeling much better than two weeks ago. I think the culprit was a tea I was drinking for uterine tone, and I think we weren’t a good match. The tea was causing Braxton-Hicks and back pain, so I said no more to that. I’m still very tired and need a nap everyday. The swelling is starting, but it’s not too severe. I can still wear my wedding ring, but I notice that my hands don’t look as slim as they used to.

I feel absolutely huge, but I know the baby will at least double his or her size between now and week 40! It’s very frustrating never getting things on my to-do list done, so I’m thinking the best solution is to add nap to my list and I’ll feel better about myself. But, seriously, I think God is using these unique situations to prepare me for when the baby comes. For example, I’m getting really good at getting up multiple times in the middle of the night and falling back asleep. So, now I just have to give up my ambitious daily plans and I’ll be ready for a baby 🙂 Perhaps when he or she comes I’ll write things like breastfed baby and cuddled baby on my to-do list.



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One response to “30 Weeks

  1. Erin Wood

    You are not alone, Melissa! I am just over 23 weeks and while most of the time I am grateful and feeling good, there are times that I think… man, I’m seriously only a little over halfway there!? The thought of continuing to pack on pounds and get clumsier and more tired is a little daunting in those moments. However, when I step back and consider what God is doing and thank God for the good things, it doesn’t seem quite so bad. Praying for a smooth, healthy rest of your pregnancy and that God will continue to give you peace as you slow your pace a bit – that you would be able to soak in this “calm before the storm.” Thanks for sharing so honestly!

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