One reason why I love my midwife is because she’s got some serious gumption when it comes to speaking English. Because she also knows German, Italian and, of course, Hungarian, she sometimes mixes up words from the languages or just guesses English words based on her knowledge of other languages. She doesn’t pause when she says these, but just keeps on talking as if she hadn’t just made up a completely new word in English. And, I usually do not correct her because a) it makes for great stories later b) she’s not my student c) it’d be pretty distracting from our intense pregnancy conversations.

Here are some snippets. Can you guess what she was really trying to say?

“Breastfeeding is an effective anti-concipient”

“I can tell how far you’ve dilitated from the outside.”

“I rarely do cervical checks because I don’t want any outside bacteria going upstairs.”

“It’s normal for the breasts to get inflammated at some point.”

“You want a harmonical environment while giving birth.”



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4 responses to “Gumption

  1. I’m considering giving you Scott a harmonica for Christmas. If he can learn to play very quickly, chances are better for a harmonical birth!!

  2. Holly

    hahaha….love it!

  3. These are great! I can totally hear a non-native speaker using them… and I’m sure I say things like this in Wolof!

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