Living like no one else

Any other Dave Ramsey fans out there? Waahooo!

Receiving a membership to attend a Dave Ramsey class was one of the best wedding presents Scott and I received. What a great way to start of marriage- being on the same page about finances! Neither of us were ever crazy spenders, we had never not paid our credit card bill, and certainly weren’t inclined to make huge purchases unless first saving for them. In addition, generosity was always something that was important to us. However, we had a long way to go when it came to learning about finances, and Dave, bless his heart, helped us a ton!

Dave’s famous catch line is “If you live like no one else, then later you can live like no one else.” The point being that if you are good with your money now, then later you can truly afford those dream vacations, nice cars, and early retirement. In addition, you can be very, very generous! The problem is that most people are so short sighted, or think they deserve those things now, that savings doesn’t happen, but debt accruement does. Unfortunately, this is the norm. So, if my friend has an Ipad, and I also want one, I won’t save $100 a month for six months to buy one. Instead, most people will put it on their credit card, or dip into their rainy day fund, or dip into what could have been their rainy day fund, to buy it. Or, on a personal note, my generosity beyond tithing usually consisted of buying Starbucks for a friend, and I’m sure it was a very appreciate Starbucks as all Starbucks drinks are. I couldn’t dream of being able to do more! Now, we have a much better idea of our long term financial goals, and slowly but surely we are getting there. And, hopefully as we steward our finances well, we can be more and more generous.

But, living like no one else is super hard- so I decided last week. Occasionally, I have these break downs. I get sick of living like no one else because it’s more fun to spend money than to save. I’m not rash, I don’t actually go spend anything, I just sulk about it for awhile. But, Scott lovingly reminded me, it’s so much more stress-free in life to have a little money put away for the emergencies, or rainy days, which are inevitable, then to give into my fleeting desires. It’s better for us to have saved the money to go on that vacation that we just went on than to be letting the vacation bills follow us home. It’s better for me to save $10 a month for 5 months to buy those boots I want rather than dip into savings that was intended for emergencies only. It’s also better for me to start saving for my next pair of glasses, cause I’ll need them soon enough. Simple enough, but not so easy!

So, here’s to living like no one else! Maybe I can’t go to coffee with you this month, but at least I’ll keep myself from paying interest on that coffee later 🙂

Anyone else living like no one else? Let’s encourage each other to keep up the good, hard work! Maybe some day we can go on a cruise together. Perhaps if we start saving a dollar a month now….




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2 responses to “Living like no one else

  1. Yes! We read the “Total Money Makeover” book right after we got married and it’s helping us along – student loans can get to you! I’ll be honest and say that we don’t follow the program as well as we could and so we’re taking longer to get out of debt … but we still have a serious goal of paying it down and make our decisions based on that. I’m so excited for the month after we pay our last debt and start saving and/or giving away that amount of money!!!

    • Courtney,

      That’s great! It’s such a good way to start off marriage. So many people have tons of fights and a lot of divorces are a result of money problems. We definitely didn’t want that to be a source of tension for us. Glad you guys are readying Dave’s stuff. He’s great!

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