You know you are pregnant when…

The old and crippled will offer you a seat on the bus, and get upset when you refuse them and tell you that you need to be careful!

When arriving to the bathroom at the same time as an elderly woman, she will insist you go ahead of her.

Out of nowhere, you are a drooler… and a snorer. I’m one sexy sleeper when you add those on top of a visual of me with my mouth guard. (All I can say is good thing we got in that “till death do us part” thing 2 and a half years ago!)

When you sit on the bus, your legs automatically spread eagle. Good thing it’s winter because I don’t always catch myself as quickly as I should!

You have the most intense craving for cottage cheese on the way to Starbucks. Translation: You are then eating cottage cheese at Starbucks while drinking your drink. What a weirdo.

Your skin has never looked better. I forget to wear make-up some days! Amazing.

Overnight your gluten allergy disappears and is replaced with an insatiable appetite for, you guessed it! Gluten.

You cuddle with baby onesies. And diapers. And little socks and hats.

You qualify how good your rest was the night before by how many times you had to get up to pee.

Any other good ones out there?


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One response to “You know you are pregnant when…

  1. sherry

    Love it! I would add, “Rolling over in bed becomes a whole body/mind effort.”

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