Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is the day that everything shuts down in Hungary. So, we kept busy ourselves.

The baby and I made delicious cranberry orange cookies.

Scott and I then went out on a limb and delivered them to the hospital across the street. Sure stinks to be the nurse, doctor or security guard that has to work on Christmas, so hopefully they enjoyed these treats. The funny thing was I was trying to explain to them why we were bringing cookies, and the first thing I said was that I was pregnant. He then tried to get me to go to labor and delivery! ha ha. I then explained how we couldn’t go home, so we thought we’d make some American treats to share with them. People tend to assume pregnant ladies aren’t the type to poison cookies, so hopefully they goobled them up!

This is us in front of our tree. You will see that trees are a little different over here. The needles are very different, and much more rare. In fact, the top of the tree is basically bald. Also, the lights don’t connect like they do in the states, and there are hardly any outlets in European apartments, so we were basically stuck with one strand. ha ha At any rate, it’s always fun for us to decorate and to look at the beautiful ornaments we have from all over the world.



And, we also want to send out a big thank you to Pioneer Woman. It’s a tradition for us to enjoy chicken and dumplings on Christmas Eve, and this year did not disappoint. I use PW’s recipe and make a few alterations. We love this warm and delicious soup!


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  1. What can I say? You guys are pretty amazing – making such a rich life together in such an envious but challenging setting. Rank&Rank (and rank), Inc. looks like a pretty happy company.

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