Ultrasounds don’t keep very good secrets…

…as I found out on Wednesday. Or is it doctors that don’t keep very good secrets? Especially when they point at your little ones private parts and say, “See that?”

All I could do is look at him and say, “You are not showing me that right now.” It dawned on him. oh yeah. For the past 6 months she didn’t want to know. I just blew it. So, he said, “I was just letting you know that I know what the sex of your baby is.” What kind of cover up is that anyway? Then, for the remainder of the appointment, he kept stumbling over he and she.

I thought if I looked away fast enough the image would disappear and I would forget. Nope. It doesn’t work like that. The surprise I’ve waited patiently for for 35 weeks was gone in two seconds…. without my husband there (the one time he didn’t go)…. and I don’t even have a picture to prove it…. or the standard dvd that we usually get….

So, before the big unveiling, what are your guesses?



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10 responses to “Ultrasounds don’t keep very good secrets…

  1. Katrina

    Lame doctor. It’s a boy.

  2. Virg

    Ummm…I’m thinkin boy (which makes me happy because now we can compare notes even more closely as I trail a few months behind you:)

  3. Meagan Lloyd

    I guessed boy, and I am stickin with it! I am SO SORRY Chap! That really stinks…

  4. Bethany Scott

    That’s horrible friend! I think all us preggos could probably write a book on the stupid things people (and OBs) do and say to pregnant women. My vote is boy 🙂

  5. Marcella

    I guess boy! 🙂

  6. Margie Johnston Kuiper

    Like! Now you can start buying real baby colors and not the non-gender yellow and green!

  7. i’m just gonna say girl to be different 🙂 – what a bummer. i’d slug him and then pop up off the table and say, “oh! i’m sorry! i thought you told me to hit you. bummer. sorry jerk– er, i mean doc.”

  8. gotta be a boy. =) definitely a lame cover up….everyone knows there’s not much to see of girl’s parts! boys are super fun, though! I got three to prove it. =) Love to you!

    • Margaret Rank Niswander

      Scott & Melissa, my sister Jan gave me your blog address. I thought I’d send New Year greetings from Grinnell, Iowa. Hopefully everything is going well with both of you and possibly a little girl. That’s really unprofessional of whoever was doing the ultra sound. I’ve been emailing Scott’s Mom, Maureen, and found out she’s coming to stay with you and baby later in January. Stay healthy and warm! Aunt Margaret Rank Niswander.

  9. Dorothy

    I’m so sorry for you about this, I know you tried so hard! But very soon you won’t even care, you’ll just be so glad to hold that baby! I’m praying for you!

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