The Hips Don’t Lie

Sadly… sadly. My hips are big.. no denying a big bun in a big oven. Although, my interpretation of Shakira’s famous hit might be taken a bit differently than her lyrical intention.

Here we are at 37.5 weeks.

I saw this picture and thought, “Wow. I am enormous.” My friend Jennifer said, “You’re not enormous, just pregnant!” And, just to rub it in, a sweet lady on the tram put the icing on the cake. She offered me her seat, and I declined letting her know I was fine. Well, she sat back down, took another look at me and said, “No, you are VERY pregnant. Take my seat.” Chivalry is alive and well with the elderly ladies of Budapest.



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3 responses to “The Hips Don’t Lie

  1. Aunt Jan Collins

    You are beautiful and glowing with a precious gift from God waiting to
    meet you. I get more excited every time I read your blog. The
    Rank Baby quilt is waiting for the information from the big D day! I am so
    glad you asked me to make a quilt with your favorite animal…an otter.
    I love how it looks and am sure you and Scott will also like it.
    Love you both, Aunt Jan

  2. Post-delivery you’ll need to stuff your belly with a pillow – love those good seats on the tram!

  3. Cile Borders

    I think you look beautiful too!

    I’m back in BP but while I was in the U.S., Kari went with me to buy your baby gift. We were looking at little boy clothes (because I sure thought the doctor saw a “you-know-what”) but Kari said, “You know mom, if I was in her shoes and living overseas, I’d want _______ more than anything else” so that’s what we got you.

    I hope we’re on the list to be called once the baby is born (or let me know who is in charge of the list and I’ll ask them to put me on it!) Otherwise, I’ll just keep checking with Denise.

    Very excited for you!

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