Some countdowns…

Or, would you advise me to not have countdowns?

Countdown #1- 13 days. But, we all know what that means. Could be tonight, could be another 4 weeks.

At any rate, here we are in all our glory at 38 weeks and one day. I have been advised that the last two weeks are the worst. I must not truly be in my last two weeks then, because I’m feeling great. Not sure if it’s because I’ve slowed down, or if I’m used to the challenges, or what, but I feel exponentially better than I did at 28 weeks. Strange. Although we’re excited to meet our little sweetie soon, Scott says he wants her to cook a little longer because he heard that makes for a better sleeper and eater. We shall see!















In other countdown news, more reliable countdown news shall we say, my dear, sweet mother-in-law will be here in 14 days. I’m elated! Here is Maureen with my lovely niece Kendall when she was only 9 months old. Now she is such a big girl (and I think the prettiest little girl in the world.) Here is a more recent photo of her at 21 months. I wish she could come visit too!







Keeping with our countdown theme, tomorrow is my best friend’s birthday! She will be 28, but looks every bit 18 as she did when she was 18. Lucky girl.We have so many fun memories together as these pictures show.













Baking cookies




Accidentally matching completely!









Getting our last bit of quality time in before I moved away to Chicago.















Playing football in Arizona with Meagan, who by the way, just gave birth to a darling little boy named Simon.

Hanging out with the Elif and Selin in Turkey (Kim is 7 months pregnant here)










Ah.. I could add a million more photos of fun times. Gee golly I’m lucky to have found such a kindred spirit at such a young age. Love you Kim! Happy birthday!



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