A few of my favorite things…

This pregnancy is winding down with 5 days until my due date. And, I find myself getting quite sentimental and reminiscing a lot about the sweetness of carrying a precious life inside of me. After all, I’ll only be pregnant with her once! And, despite what I might have thought at week 28, I’m not going to be pregnant forever. Here are a few of the things I will miss about being pregnant.

1) Baby kicks. A can still remember the first time lying in bed and feeling it. Amazing.

2) Baby acrobatics. We’ve upped the performance in recent months. She is quite a mover and a shaker. We don’t have anything to compare it to since I’ve not been pregnant before, but we think she is active and fun!

3) People assume you are a nice person because you are pregnant, so they are in turn nice to you just because you are pregnant. It’s quite refreshing.

4) I know I’ve mentioned this thousands of times, but a seat on the bus.

5) Cute maternity outfits. Years ago women didn’t have the luxury of wearing such cute maternity clothes, but thanks to my dear friend, Julie Dobbins, I sported a really cute outfit today. (I’m not too photogenic, so you’ll just have to take my word for it.)

6) If you are having a hard time and need to take a break, everyone is okay with it. If you show up to work 39 weeks pregnant everyone is super impressed and makes you feel like super woman. If you show up to work after trudging through the snow, on two forms of public transportation, up a huge hill (in all seriousness) and 39 weeks pregnant, well then you can just go ahead and know they are going to think you are woman of the year. It’s good for one’s ego.

7) Scott thinks this one is my favorite. Acne-free skin. This has been a battle of mine for years, and I haven’t had one zit for about 8 months… that is until yesterday. One showed up and I was certain that meant labor was around the corner.

8) A constant companion. It’s fun to have a little friend to chat with all the time. And, she’s such a great listener! NEVER interrupts.

9) My husband thinks I’m beautiful for carrying his baby. It’s quite easy to feel frumpy and not unlike an elephant, but it’s sweet when Scott tells me that he thinks I’m gorgeous despite my unique shape.

10) Normally I cannot eat gluten because of said acne problem. But, during pregnancy my body tolerates, even demands it. So, I’m enjoying it while I can.

To get myself geared up for labor I’m also thinking of some of the things I will enjoy once pregnancy is over. Some things (and you can help me with my list):

Sleeping on my stomach and back- hallelujah!

Hugging my husband without feeling like we’re at a junior high school dance with a ruler in between us.

Being able to roll over in my sleep without having to consciously wake up to do it.

Picking up things that fall on the ground without wondering where the hidden camera is to catch this comedy act.

Putting on boots without feeling like it’s a physical and mental exercise to not be defeated by the boot and the zipper.

Energy. Not needing a two hour nap everyday.

I could probably think of a few more, but those are just a couple of the big ones.




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7 responses to “A few of my favorite things…

  1. You look fantastic! Enjoy this last week (or so =).

  2. Hold onto this photo – you’re lovely in it, and your baby will enjoy it when she gets grown-up and prego herself!

  3. Aunt Jan Collins

    Enjoy sleeping more than 2 hours at a time, it may be a few months
    before that happens again.
    I hope you continue this blog after baby arrives. I look forward to all
    your adventures.

  4. Hello! I found your blog from a comment you left at passionate homemaking…. I am pregnant and planning a home birth in May. I was really curious about your blog too because my mom was born in Hungary (but left when she was 5 or 6) and I just had a natural curiosity about that part of your life. SO, I’ve been creeping on your blog trying to figure out what “hungary for turkey” means or a profile link or a different way to contact you…. with no success. In the mean time, I’ve been enjoying your writing about your life, pregnancy, and the Hungarian culture! I’d love to hear more about your story 🙂

    • Hi Laura,
      Sorry it took me so long to get back to you! Thanks for visiting my blog. It’s been fun raising a baby here in Hungary. We’re hoping to move to Turkey soon, so that’s the connection! 🙂

      Hopefully you can visit someday and see your mother’s roots here in Hungary.

  5. i stumbled onto your blog and I have to say that I completely identified with this post! Our due dates are only a few days apart and this post sums up how I feel too! Glad to know someone else is feeling the same way!

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