Desperate Housewife Day #1

Well, I’ve been doing a lousy job of enjoying my ever decreasing work schedule. I suppose it’s because the time has been filled with industrious nesting, not bon bons and chick flicks. But, today is the day my due date has come, and maternity leave has basically begun. I’ve finally admitted that secretly I thought she was going to come early, so it was a good thing I did so many of my projects! However, she’s still happy in her little cocoon, so I decided I need to enjoy being a desperate housewife while it lasts. Before I know it I’ll have an around-the-clock job taking care of our little girl!

I’m not really the take-it-easy type. I suppose it’s the work ethic my uncle drilled into my head at an early age along with a song he made up in which the lyrics consisted solely of, “You gotta work for a livin'” over and over. Or, maybe it’s this sick desire to be described as industrious upon parting from the earth. Or perhaps it’s because I married an Iowan? For whatever reason, I can’t spend(waste) time watching chick flicks, reading entertaining novels, or doing anything that does not give me a sense of accomplishment. Mind you, I do have boundaries. After 5pm I am a little better at giving myself a break, but only the check list looks like a pen blew up on it!

So, for today, I’m thinking a chick flick is in order. Maybe I’ll take myself to coffee, or stroll, yes stroll, the streets of Budapest.

40 weeks pregnant




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4 responses to “Desperate Housewife Day #1

  1. Margaret Rank Niswander

    Hopefully you, baby & Scott are doing well. I know that Maureen left today (1/23) on her journey to Budapest to be with you folks. May the Lord bless all of you. Margaret Rank Niswander

  2. Colleen

    I was just like you, Melissa! A good day for me is based on how much I could get done. And then the baby came and I couldn’t seem to get anything productive done, instead I just enjoyed my new baby. But, at the end of the day, I’d look around and wonder what the heck I had done all day. I couldn’t seem to get anything done. After a while, I realized I had to redefine a “productive” day. Instead of getting anything tangible done, I had to define a productive day as having a 3 meals and a shower (the meals didn’t necessarily happen at the appropriate meal times, but getting 3 meals in was my new definition of productivity!). If you find yourself enjoying blissful moments with your baby, but then look around the house before you go to bed and wonder why the list of “things to do” doesn’t have any checkmarks next to it, just know, it is all part of motherhood….there will be plenty of time to catch up on things later on. And if you happen to run out of clothes before doing the laundry, that would be a good day to go shopping with little baby Rank!

    I keep checking Facebook for updates every day….I’m getting as excited as you guys are! Keep us all posted!!!! -Colleen

  3. Aunt Jan Collins

    Grandpa Mike Rank emailed me the GOOD NEWS. Baby GIRL Rank
    has arrived. So far I have this information. Eleanor Joy Rank,
    born 4:43 AM (Hungary time) January 24, 2012.
    I like the family name (Joy) being passed on to the GIRLS in the family.
    Maureen Joy, Kendall Joy now Eleanor Joy.
    Now I would like the birth weight and birth length. The baby quilt will
    be finished soon and on it’s way to Budapest, Hungary.
    CONGRATULATIONS Scott and Melissa. God has given you a little girl to love, cherish and teach the wonders of life and the unending love of our
    Lord, Jesus Christ. Aunt Jan Rank Collins

    • Aunt Jan Collins

      OOPS, After pushing the POST COMMENT I realized I left out one of the family members who alos has Joy for their middle name..
      HOLLY JOY…in more ways than just in name, you are truly a Joy!
      Aunt Jan Rank Collins

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