Sweetest girl in the world

A lot of people ask me what Ellie is like. Good eater? Good sleeper? My answer is that she is the sweetest baby in the world… no, really, she is!

She’s not a big crier. She prefers sweet little whimpers and manly grunts. She usually sleeps in 2-3 hours stretches, and last night for one 4 hour stretch! She loves to be held, but will last for a few minutes on her own looking in the mirror, lying on the bed staring at the headboard, or daydreaming about her next feeding. Speaking of feeding, she’s a great eater. Here’s the proof…

her first blowout.










Cloth diaper baby. A little more complicated than I hoped!











Snow day













We opted to not go out for snow angels, but rather to stay inside to snuggle.










Such a pretty girl!



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2 responses to “Sweetest girl in the world

  1. That’s so mean of you to post her dirty diaper! She will be mortified when she’s about 8! It’s cute and kinda gross. But I love her serious face.

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