Some birth and new mom tips

Since it’s fresh in my mind, and many of my friends are about to give birth, I’ll share the most valuable tips I’ve learned or received in the past few weeks.


First of all, if you are hoping for a natural birth, I highly recommend reading Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth and Active Birth.

For breastfeeding, I found Ina May’s Guide to Breastfeeding very helpful. I also took a class which I highly recommend.

The Baby Book– Besides having the cutest cover on the planet? Great tips about your baby!


Red raspberry leaf tea– known to strengthen and tone uterus thus reducing pushing time. I had a great labor and pushing experience (still painful though!), so maybe it’s this magical tea?

Birth music- We ended up listening to Over the Rhine over and over. Have something ready for labor that is relaxing for you.

Birth pool- We didn’t get around to using ours because things went too fast, but I was glad we had it.

Bean bag chair- I occasionally leaned on ours for support during contractions.

Clary sage oil– My midwife used this oil mixed with hot water and put it on my uterus during contractions.

The Business of Being Born– I watched this movie in early labor to get myself geared up!

Candles- After a certain point in labor, light really started to bother me. So, we had candles lit all over for light.

Peanut-butter banana smoothie- Not on purpose, but what I ate before going into labor and I wasn’t hungry for a long time after I gave birth.

A mantra- something you say to yourself to get you through natural childbirth. I said, “Relax and open up” over and over and over. I was able to relax and my cervix eventually opened up enough to let Ellie out!


Refrigerated cabbage leaves- you’ll need these day 3 when your milk comes in

Ibuprofren- I took this everyday for about 10 days

New Mama Bottom Spray– You will love this! I forgot I had it until day 3. Amazing what a difference it makes!

Lavender oil- Not essential, but after about day 5 I liked to take nightly baths with this oil. It just helped alleviate some stress and calm me before bed

Oatmeal- I eat this every morning. It’s supposed to help your milk supply to be plentiful.

I hope these tips will be helpful for any of you having babies or post-partum times soon! Yay for sweet babies!

Any other mamas out there have tips to add to this list?



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    Loving your blog! I was wondering if you’d like to do some posts for Guest posts or a regular column? Please get in touch with me for more details (I’m entering my email to leave this comment, so I assume you have access to it, you can reach me on that). Thank you!

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