Blast from the past

I was just looking at my old blog wondering where I was at this time five years ago. While visiting my online memory keeper, I stumbled upon so many fun photos.

Scott and I in Turkey summer 2008

This is when I ran a 10K in Wheaton. At the time I was working on my Masters in TESOL, so I diagrammed a sentence on my shirt. Nerdy! Also, so not healthy to look at pictures of skinny Melissa 3.5 weeks post-partum.











This photo is from the first time I met my future mother-in-law, Maureen, and future sister-in-law, Holly. No Scott included. He was in Turkey, and we were all so brave to meet without him.











Saturday morning pancakes after playing ultimate frisbee. Circa de 2007

Bro themed birthday party- which only people from 909 or 951 will understand. Too bad you can’t see from the photos the tattoos we went out later that night and got. Just kidding!











Wow. I used to be far more athletically ambitious. Here we are- TEAM AWESOME. I don’t think we won a single game. However, I’m certain we had more fun than anyone else.

Meeting Josh and Rochelle for the first time. Again, without Scott. Kim came with to help me be brave.

Some of my dear Wheaton residents visiting with a Santa gram for Jolly Jolene.

Playing football. I’m charming, aren’t I?

Elif and I at Castle Park on a ride. I think said ride made me sick and we had to buy crackers. I used to be so much edgier as a kiddo.

Oh, I taught English in Rwanda. This awakened my love and passion for teaching the English language!

My friend, Leslie, and I went to see Wicked. Notice Asian behind us- so not a flattering photo for him!

My first grown up interview. I flew to Wheaton, and hey! I got the job!

Ah..what a lovely walk through memory lane. Hope you enjoyed it!



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  1. Robin

    I made your blog! πŸ™‚

    Also, thanks for posting such fun, memorable pictures! And your daughter is BEAUTIFUL (and I rate myself on high authority of knowing cute baby girls) πŸ˜‰

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