So many firsts

This last month has been full of a lot of firsts for all of us. Here are a few.

1st time going to the pediatrician. Our pediatrician is a really nice lady. For the first check-up I showed up without an appointment, was seen minutes later, and found out all is well. Scott has a hard time taking our pediatrician seriously because the ring tone on her cell phone is “I’m a barbie girl”.

In this photo you can see the cranky nurse behind the doctor. She was all bent out of shape because I took my one month outside when it was 55 degrees! Apparently she thinks child protective services needs to be called.

Hungarians are very opinionated about proper care of children. One old, old, old lady in the market thought I was suffocating Ellie because I had her all wrapped up and tucked warmly in my coat.

First professional family photo taken by our friend Megan.

Her first art lesson

And it all started with her first day of life.

Her first time learning about a U.S. president. Very appropriate since this was the day we went to get her passport.

Ellie’s first time going out to a restaurant was this week. We went out for a birthday lunch for our friend, Denise. Hummus Bar was our location of choice. Here she is rocking her Steve Urkel look.

Our first outing was pretty monumental. I had to really wrap her up, get her tucked inside Scott’s gangster coat that I was wearing, and that was back when I was walking like I had rickets and osteoporosis.We only went two blocks, but it was kind of intimidating for me!

yay for bath time! My friend lent me a bucket bath and Ellie loves it. Well, as long as I keep her warm enough!

My first real post-partum photo- the moment of truth. Not quite in my pre-pregnancy jeans yet, but look at the difference from being pregnant! Oh man it’s great to sleep on my stomach again.



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2 responses to “So many firsts

  1. Sherry

    How funny is it that she’s yawning during her presidential lesson?? 🙂 I just love her and want to squeeze her!

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