Budapest CSI


































This is one night’s worth of diapers and the three covers she dirtied! Thank goodness my amazing mother-in-law is here and is helping with laundry (by helping I mean completely doing ALL OF OUR LAUNDRY! Amazing) I usually wash the diapers immediately, but during the night I just go back to bed. Well, I think last night she set a record. I think it may be because I changed how she eats. I have an oversupply of milk, and I thought it was causing her to get too much foremilk and not enough hindmilk, thus making her have pooping problems (she would go, it just seemed like she was in a lot of pain.) Well, for two days now I’ve been block feeding. She seems to go much more easily, she just still goes a lot in the middle of the night. So, now I’m trying to figure that one out! Any ideas? She usually sleeps from 4-6 hours at first, but then wakes up every 20 minutes-2 hours after that depending on her tummy. Where’s the Ellie manual?!


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  1. Cile Borders

    Sorry to leave this kind of message on your blog … I’ve tried calling you on your cell but get no answer nor voice mail. I sent your mom an email but with the snow, I don’t know when she will read it. Can you ask her if Friday at 2 pm is good for her (and you)?

    Ellie is beautiful; there’s no doubt about it. I know every mother thinks that about her own baby, but truly, Ellie is beautiful to everyone else too! Can’t wait to see her!

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