Ellie’s Coming Out Party

Last night we had a little celebration to introduce Ellie to some of Scotts’ professors, Tolga and Tijana, and his classmate, Eda. Since everyone has a Turkish connection, we called it her Turkish Coming out party. It was so fun to introduce Ellie to our friends, and of course, it was nice to munch on yummy food and enjoy hanging out. Ellie is the sweetest baby in the world, so everyone adored her!

Maureen did a great job preparing everything and keeping everyones wine glasses full.


The food was themed after attributes we hope she’ll have some day.

Hummus and veggies- clever and cultured

Chocolates- Sweet and charming

Chicken skewers- strong

Fruit- healthy

Cheese ball- joyful (because who doesn’t feel joy when they see a cheese ball?!)



Ellie with Tolga Amca. She is fascinated with his beard.









Ellie rocking the night away with Tijana teyze. I think they are best friends now.












Ellie playing with Eda teyze. Ellie even gave Eda a smile which she’s never done for anyone outside the family. That was Ellie’s way to thank Eda for teaching her Turkish.









Here is a family shot.









We are well on our way to preparing this little sweetie for life in Turkey. At the end of the night, and after a little wine, all could be seen singing Turkish chlidrens’ songs to little Ellie.



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2 responses to “Ellie’s Coming Out Party

  1. Oh, I just love seeing your family pictures. God is so good and faithful. Lot of love to you guys.

  2. Great blog, keep up the good work! You might like mine, http://www.adriknows.com, with personal and practical posts about life in Budapest. I’m a Budapest mom too, with kids aged 5 and 8. Warm regards, Adri

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