A perfect day

Today was one of those days I dreamed about when I thought of one day becoming a wife and mother.

Last night Ellie slept amazingly well. In fact, here are the details.

8:30pm-2:15am slept

2:15-3:30 am up

3:30- 6:15am slept

6:15am-7am up

7am-8:15 slept


So, we awoke refreshed. She was her normal smiley self. We let dad keep sleeping while we girls hung out for about an hour or hour and a half. When Scott got up, and Ellie took her first morning nap, Scott and I drank coffee on the balcony. It was the perfect spring day, absolutely beautiful in every way. We had an amazing conversation and enjoyed being together so much.

When Ellie awoke we played with her, and still kept chatting and enjoying a slow morning. We then decided to try out our stroller since it was the first warm day to do so. We took a walk across the bridge, strolled through some interesting neighborhoods we had explored before, and stopped for coffee. Ellie loved the stroller and was a perfect angel the entire time we were out. Lucky for us this is not unusual behavior for her.

We came home, had lunch, and I put Ellie down for a nap without a hitch. She’s now sleeping sweetly and we’re relaxing and enjoying this wonderful Sunday afternoon. Honestly, a perfect day.


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