Ellie’s 2 months

On Saturday we hit Ellie’s two month birthday. This past month has been a ton of fun getting to know her better. I’ll share some of her accomplishments with you.









On Thursday, two days shy of two months, she rolled over from tummy to back! I haven’t been the greatest at remembering to do tummy time, so this came as a huge surprise to me. The next day we had her two month appointment and she showed off her amazing skills for the doctor, as well. I suppose she’s an overachiever in the making, although I haven’t intended to encourage this.

Here she is in action.

She’s put herself on somewhat of a routine throughout the day. We get up she eats and I play with her a bit. Then, she plays in her little pumpkin chair and practices hitting a sock ball. She cat naps. When she gets up we go outside to do the shopping, errand running, visiting baby mommy group, or to take a walk. She’ll take a good nap in my moby wrap. When we get back she eats, we play, and she cat naps. She then wakes up to eat and take a long (2-3 hours) nap. This is when I nap, read, clean, or do whatever. When she gets up we eat and play (have I said that a million times already?!) She takes a couple more naps and then bedtime. She goes down to sleep very easily. We have a little bedtime routine that I love.

I change her diaper and nurse her and we sing Amazing Grace, Come Thou Fount, How Deep the Father’s Love for us, and Jesus Paid it all. I then swaddle her, cuddle for a bit, give her her pacifier and she starts blinking and dozing off. I then put her in her Moses basket, and she drifts off to dreamland. Sometimes she’ll give me six hours of uninterrupted sleep, or other times, and more often, only two to three hours. Ah well!

She continues to be a beautiful, sweet baby. She smiles often, coos a lot, and is honestly just a bundle of joy! Check out her sweet cheeks, mohawk, and big blue eyes. You can see why we adore her so much!




















Here is Ellie in her pumpkin chair. She loves it for sleeping and for looking at the tree on our wall.



















She loves her quality time with daddy.








And, another one of her big, sweet cheeks and blue eyes.


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