Thankful for my baby’s very short-term memory

I now know why our memories don’t kick in until later…. because we parents mess up a lot, and it’s God’s grace that Ellie is not going to remember these early days. Anyone else out there a super imperfect mom?

This week was classic bad mom week. Let me tell you the errors I hope to never repeat.

First of all, I was wearing my Moby wrap incorrectly for 8 WEEKS! Poor Ellie could have fallen out, and poor Mommy had such an achy back in that duration.

This week I snapped Ellie’s leg when closing her cloth diaper cover, clipped her finger in addition to her nail, and misread her cues to go to sleep time and time again. This was all on top of her getting her first shots. Can we say trauma week? Poor thing rarely cries, but this week she’s cried a lot because of feeling very poorly after the shots and because I push her to being super overtired.

Also, turns out I’ve been taking her out in a stroller meant for older kiddos. I went on a walk with my friend from Iraq last week, and she was very vocal about how upset she was that Ellie was in this stroller. She told me it was bad for her back, repeated many times how uncomfortable she was that Ellie was in it, and insisted I take her out. So, I ended up carrying her on our walk while pushing her diaper bag in the chair. I also ended up losing both her socks before home, dropping her pacifier on the dirty ground making it unusable, and letting the blankets fall and get super dirty. I’m sure my friend went home and called Hungarian Child Protective Services. Too bad her memory isn’t as short as Ellie’s.

This is a picture before the walk that ended up ruining my day. Isn’t she cute?












Well, I told Scott if I try to be a perfect mom I’m going to drive myself nuts, him nuts, and worst of all, our kids nuts. But, as you can see, I might as well not try to be perfect, just to do my best.

On a more positive and encouraging note to myself, I taught Ellie to hold her rattle. She now can hold it and bring it to her mouth to eat. She also rolled over days shy of two months (not encouraged by me- in fact, I don’t always remember tummy time!), and is the cutest and sweetest baby despite her somewhat Mother-inflicted traumatic week. I guess it goes to show it’s not all up to me how she will manage life in this world.

Here’s our cute little bear.












Look at her eyebrows. Anyone else think she might end up having red hair?!



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2 responses to “Thankful for my baby’s very short-term memory

  1. She looks like she’s thriving. I think you (the both of you– well, the three of you) are doing a great job. I hope your back feels better with the new wrap adjustment and, of course, that safety is heightened!

  2. sherrybby2

    One of my friends confessed to me that she has no idea what she’s doing, and I assured her that none of us know what we’re doing. I keep telling myself that love covers all of our mishaps. We’ll mess up over and over, but we just keep loving them and, above all, they’ll know that. She sure looks like a sweet little one!

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