How I love thee…or fail to daily

This morning I read 1st Corinthians 13 with fresh eyes. In our first year of marriage I had to read it everyday because I was seeping in ungraciousness and had a lot to learn about love. As I read the familiar text today, I was once again struck and convicted by my failure. This time not towards Scott, but towards Ellie. Ugh! Dagger in my heart. How often am I impatient wondering why her nap was only 45 minutes? Then, I am dripping with irritability towards everyone and resentfulness is festering in my heart. Shame on me! I’m one blessed woman, and I have an amazing family. Why do I always insist on my own way? That is not love!

As I read this passage everyday in the first year of marriage, I felt myself growing and changing as I prayerfully tried to live by it. I think I need to reinstate that so I don’t miss for a second the blessing of this life I have due to wallowing in self-pity that I can’t go to Starbucks whenever I want anymore.

By the way, what does this look mean? Have you ever seen a cuter double chin in all your life?!










Or this look?









Ellie joined us while we played Settlers of Catan on Easter. Look at her and Jenn in matching yellow!












This is my long baby.












Ellie with our friend Denise. Denise loves Ellie, and Ellie loves Denise. So sweet. I think in this picture E is saying, “Wahoo!”












Ellie’s favorite thing in the world…. going on a walk with mama while in the Moby.












Ellie sleeps in a Moses basket. She looks like a sweet bundled up caterpillar. When she wakes up from her naps she makes little noises announcing she’s awake, I get her, and she’s all smiles. Here she is waiting patiently.












Ellie is super playful and fun. Although, she is like her dad and does not give away free smiles or laughs. (My friend Jenn says she knows it’s a good day if she can get Scott to laugh.) You really have to earn your smiles with this one.







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  1. She is such a precious little girl 🙂

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