What life looks like today

What I’m reading: David Copperfield, Beth Moore’s Living Beyond Yourself, Real Simple (thank you Brooke!)

What I’m listening to: Sandals Livestream

What I’m watching: Scott and I have been enjoying Seinfeld season 9 lately.

What I’m thinking about: How much I’ll like our future children even if they are only 1/10 as charming as Ellie. She’s a doll.

What I’m dreaming about: Starting a business in Turkey that is not unlike this website.

Today’s challenge: This silly cough and frog in my throat.

One of today’s joys: Coffee with a dear woman in my life, Cile.

A discovery today: Ellie sleeps a zillion times better unswaddled. Who knew!?

What’s for dinner? Ham and asparagus

Something funny I did recently: Weighed Ellie at the market- 6.2 kilograms

Something socially awkward I did recently- asked the waiter at the restaurant if he minded that I was feeding Ellie while I was already feeding her. He was so embarrassed that I brought attention to it that he started dropping silverware on the table. Oops.




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