A new approach to getting our meds

This week has been beyond rough in the Rank household. I’ve been very sick, and unfortunately, my sweet baby caught my illness. The problem is that the easy, go-to methods of getting restored to full health that I’m accustomed to in the States just aren’t here. And, for a first-time Mom with a burning up baby, you have a recipe for tears, stress, and fear.

If I were in my comfy cottage back in Riverside on a Sunday like it was here, I wouldn’t fret. I’d call my Kaiser nurse hotline and ask her opinion. Ah. Instant reassurance, at least getting to talk it through with a medical professional who speaks flawless English. If that didn’t reassure me enough in my distress of having a baby with a 101.1 temp and needing advice, I could call, oh, about one zillion other moms at the drop of the hat for advice. No need to take her in you say? Just go to CVS cause it’s open on Sundays, they’ll have pharmacists who can recommend a dose, and all will be well? Really, that easy? If I do take her in, it’s to a lovely Kaiser hospital, speaking to nurses and doctors in my native tongue and being understood, and having the confidence that the medication will come with instructions in my beloved English so I don’t have to spend hours translating medical terminology online with a sick baby in arms.

Well, since that wasn’t my experience, since I no longer live in my beloved cottage in Riverside, I’ll tell you how it really went down. And, truth be told, and praise the Lord, it all ended up okay!

Ellie’s temperature got higher and about 4pm I called the doctor. She was working in a hospital so informed to come in. She said on the phone, in her broken English, “I’m at Hempa hospital at Nagy Varad Ter.” I googled this hospital, and realized that’s not how you spell it. I couldn’t find it, and I was panicking. The clock was ticking. I got on my phone and called everyone I could think of to deduce what the name of this hospital was. Ring, ring, ring. No answer. Ring, ring, ring. No answer. I’m crying frantically, trying to get dressed, making these calls, and trying sooth my feverish baby. Finally, Reka answers! She knows the hospital. Heim Pal hospital. Whew! Just two metro stops away. Oh no. my pass is expired. I’ll have to stop and get a new one before I ride. More time… ah!

We finally get out of the house, I look like death since I’ve been sick for four days, haven’t left the house, and have been crying. But, no one is going to stop me from getting my baby the help she needs. We make it to the hospital, see my doctor immediately, and after spending some time investigating Ellie’s little body discovers an ear infection. We get our prescriptions and she informs us where the nearest pharmacy is- 7 metro stops away. Ugh… You mean not on the 4th floor like Kaiser? This is going to take more than 20 minutes? sigh.

We tuck Ellie back in my Moby, trek her all over town to get our meds, and head back home having accomplished our mission. It’s 7, I’m starving, and all I want to do is drive-thru El Pollo Loco. Not an option, so Scott got me some Magnum bars to take away my pain- emotional that is.

We survived. We did it. I shouldn’t even go there mentally remembering the luxury of my Kaiser days, but it’s hard not to on a day like this. Even though it was hard, I am so thankful for my super helpful husband, my doctor for seeing us late on Sunday afternoon, and for modern medicine and a pharmacist that could explain all the directions to me in English so I didn’t have to translate. Destiny’s Child comes to mind as I sing to myself “I’m a survivor, I’m not goin’ give up…”

Sad, sick baby just wants to be held, and insists I stand while I do it. Very thankful today for my Moby.



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3 responses to “A new approach to getting our meds

  1. sherrybby2

    Oh no, Melissa. Sick babies are so emotionally overwhelming. Klara is on her 4th antibiotic for this ear infection (and we’re going tomorrow to get an antibiotic shot), so I feel your pain with ear infections–only Klara isn’t quite so tiny and going to the doctor isn’t much of an adventure. You survived, and you’ll continue to survive for sweet little Ellie. She has a strong mama! Sending you love and get well wishes!

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