Thank you is so not enough

I’ve been a mother now for 92 days, and each day gives me a greater appreciation for my mother and for other women in my life who have played the role of mother for me at different times in my life. And, as mother’s day draws nearer, thank you doesn’t seem enough.

Not enough for my mother who once walked me for 24 hours straight because I was sick and wanted to be held

Not enough for my aunt Diana who took me in her home when she was nine months pregnant and I had serious sass issues

Not enough for my mother-in-law, Maureen, who came to help take care of our family for seven weeks when Ellie was born

And, these are only singular instances, not the millions of examples that have come to my mind since I too started learning what it is to sacrifice 92 days ago.

But, as I was sick recently, I realized all I wanted was my mom. Why? Because that’s the beauty of moms. They love us unconditionally, and would rather sacrifice and take care of us when we are sick than to not. So, although thank you seems so not enough, and truly isn’t a sufficient way of saying thank you, I now know that mamas don’t care. There is enough of a reward in the sacrifice.



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