I never thought I’d love you

I never thought I’d love Hungary. After all, moving here was purely for practical purposes- my husband was here to get his PHD. This is just a stepping stone in the process of getting us to where we really want to be, Turkey. But, it happened. I’m not sure when. I know it wasn’t the first year, but I’ve grown to love Hungary.

I love that there is a coffee shop on every corner promising me a delicious extra hot latte, caffeine-free, with honey on the side.






I love that people will peep through windows whether it be at restaurants or on buses passing by to marvel at my beautiful, cheeky daughter.

I love the seasons, especially spring. The city is full of happy people going to and fro soaking up the sunshine.

I love the people. All unique in their own way- some happy go lucky, some cranky, some funny, some silly.

I love that Hungarians acknowledge women in their greeting. It’s absolutely charming.

I love that there is a lovely river dividing the city.






I love the beautiful architecture.







I love the market where I can buy fresh produce six days a week. I love the Vietnamese vendors who are always asking me way too personal questions when I’m stopping to buy my usual 2 kilos of green apples.







Now that I love Hungary, I wish I didn’t. Because now I’m leaving Hungary, and I’m sad I’m going.



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2 responses to “I never thought I’d love you

  1. Donna Bristow

    awww, but don’t worry Melissa b/c in Istanbul we have lots of water and bridges and fruit/veg stands and they love babies, especially foreign ones. We have lots of places to buy coffees and lots of new places to learn and explore, lots and lots of people to love… i mean Istanbul is overflowing with people!

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