Thank you for making me a mama

Dear Ellie,

Thank you for making me a mama. A little over a hundred days ago you came into my life, and I don’t miss the world that didn’t know you. I love to start my day with your big smile, your bright blue eyes, and the realization that you know, yes, you absolutely know, that you are adored. I look forward to each time I put you down to sleep and we cuddle and sing “How deep the father’s love for us” and I nearly weep each time considering the Father’s love for us as I rock you, my sweet girl, in my arms. Knowing you has allowed me a greater glimpse into the sacrificial love that the Father has for us. What a gift.

You are as sweet as sweet tea, as fun as a hot air balloon ride, as cute as a new puppy on Christmas, as charming as a cafe on the Danube, and as enjoyable as the first ice cream eaten after a sugar fast. Thank you for making a mama and filling my life with greater joy.


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